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Geologic Time Webquest

Use the blue highlighted websites to answer the questions that follow.

Include the questions in your answers.


Geologic Time Scale 

1. In order from oldest to present, what are the three eras of geologic time?

2. Which era do we live in?

3. When you were born, which era was it? (answers may vary)

4. During which era did the first fish develop?

5. During which era did the first humans develop?

6. Which era is known as the “Age of the Dinosaur?”

7. Which era is known as the “Age of Mammals?”

8. Name the 11 (or 12) periods on the Geologic Time Scale, in order from oldest to present.


Paleozoic Era

9. When did the Paleozoic Era take place?

10. Where was Africa located during the Paleozoic Era?

11. Earth’s greatest mass extinction (that we know about) took place at the end of the Paleozoic Era.  What percent of Earth’s species died off?


Mesozoic Era

12. Did cavemen live during the Mesozoic Era?  Explain why or why not.

13. What did the South Pole look like during the Mesozoic Era?  North Pole?

14. How did the Mesozoic end?  List three hypotheses which may explain what happened at the end of the Mesozoic Era.


15. The three periods in the Mesozoic Era are the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic.  Choose one to answer questions 16,17,18.

Cretaceous Period

Jurassic Period

Triassic Period

16. When did this period take place?

17. Name five living things from this period. (your list can include plants, animals, or a combination of both)

18. Where have fossils from this period been found? (localities)


Cenozoic Era

  1. Identify the time period covered by the Cenozoic.
  2. Describe has happened during the Cenozoic in terms of
  3. Continents     b.  Climate     c.  Animals     d.  Humanity


Precambrian Eon

  1. About how much of Earth’s history took place during the Precambrian Eon?
  2. From Where and when do we find the earliest evidence of life on Earth?
  3. How did life forms change before the end of the Precambrian Eon?
  4. How did the atmosphere change before the end of the Precambrian?
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