Earth science notes- Note Taking Example

Key words Important information
Earth science-

Earth scientists-














Constructive vs Destructive




Branches of Earth Science

Body of knowledge about Earth and its Place in the universe

Use several BIG IDEAS to guide them

·         Structure of Earth’s systems

·         Earth’s History

·         Earth in the solar system


Group of parts that work together as a whole

Matter and energy constantly move from one pare of the Earth System to another



The ability to do work or cause change


Forces have changed Earth’s surface throughout its history


 Constructive forces-shapes earth surface by building mountains and landmasses

Destructive forces- slowly wear away mountains and every feature on Earth’s surface



Geology- study of forces that have shaped the Earth

Oceanography– study everything from chemistry of ocean water to ocean floor and marine organisms

Meteorology- Study of conditions in the atmosphere



Key Words Important information















Solid part of Earth made up of rocks, minerals and other elements, not including the oceansLitho- hard rock


Part of planet where living things can be found- from upper atmosphere to the bottom of the oceans

Bio- Living


Thin layer of gasses that surround our planet- allows for varied climates, or long term weather- Atmo- air


Includes all of the water on Earth- from oceans to lakes to underground water. A major force that shapes weather and climate- Hydro- water


Includes all of Earths frozen water including glaciers, permafrost and sea ice. Cryo- icy, cold

Title: The study of Earth science


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